WINTER OLYMPICS TV New ideas had to be shared and sold daily (to Samsung / Cheil HQ, North America and Canada). Plus, all creative had to be integrated into a larger thematic platform created and produced by Cheil HQ, and conform to all of the IOC standards. What a work-out! We ended up having a massive presence at the games, brand score increased dramatically as a result and the campaign was very well received and recognized internally.
NEWSPAPER We had to fit our creative into the global Samsung creative framework created by Bruce Mau Design.
We were able to connect the TV with the print (and online activation) with our two hockey heroes and branded 'snowflake' messages. WEB BANNERS SAMSUNG WEBSITE / HOME PAGE
SAMSUNG MOBILE 'EXPRESS YOURSELF' CAMPAIGN Samsung wanted a cohesive campaign that showcased all of their devices and demonstrated how they have ‘the right device for everyone’. Whether you’re into
music, texting, photography, social media, or for those who preferred a flip, side-slide,
bar or smartphone, Samsung has it. BAS scores increased by 25%+ and both the
Cinema and TFC videos received a lot of praise and recognition within the industry.
PRINT & OUT OF HOME To help support the phone carriers,
we created a hand for Bell, Rogers
and Telus, made up only of the
Samsung phones they sold. TORONTO FOOTBALL CLUB :30 SPOT Samsung became sponsors of the Toronto FC, which gave them
the opportunity to advertise on their big screen monitor. SAMSUNG HOME APPLIANCE DIVISION After struggling for a few years trying to break into the heavy hitting Home Appliance (HA) market in Canada, the HA division of Samsung decided to create an ad campaign that would help spread the word about their beautifully designed technology and inform Canadians that Samsung made more than just TVs. After the House & Home magazine print, retail, online and sales support campaign had ran, sales increased by 83%. As a result, the division had reached a milestone of $10 million/month sales goal. SALES MATERIAL We created double sided small post-cards that the sales team could use as 'leave-behinds' when meeting with their clients. They were really well received and helped educate staff and customers. RETAIL / POP These are examples of fridge 'clings', that were placed on the appliance at store level to share more information about the incredible technology these appliances had to offer.
RETAIL / BROCHURES A brochure was designed for each appliance type as well. These sat horizontally in clear holders on top of the appliance for a clean look.
HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE To keep Samsung top-of-mind over the holidays, we added this interactive tool for consumers on the Samsung website. HDTV NEWSPAPER AD When HDTV's hit the market, there was some confusion around the new technology. So we created as a way to educated consumers all of the considerations when purchasing a new TV. This ad got a lot of
people to the website. HDTV RETAIL DISPLAYS Best Buy and Future Shop examples shown. SAMSUNG RECLAIM When Samsung created a mobile phone made completely from a biodegradable plastic, we created a B2B video for Bell, and print ads to support the message.
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